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Three-dimensional drawing – what is it?

It’s a method of drawing that follows the structure of the object and not the highlights/shadows. This type of drawing is not dependent on the light around it.
It’s a timeless, yet simple technique that’s been used since ancient times in sculpture and architecture. Great artists of Renaissance like Albrecht Durer, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci used the same principles, which were further developed in Art Deco, Cubism & Constructivism.
Classes focus on development of rendering skills and the spatial understanding needed for translating three-dimensional perceptions onto a two-dimensional surface.
Develop your 3D perception skills!

Drawing Fundamentals
Understanding of fundamental methods of conveying 3D objects in a 2D drawing; depth, composition; linear and tonal drawings.

Life Drawing
Sketches; understanding of skeletal and muscular systems; understanding of body in movement.

Sculpting Classes
Perception of 3-dimential objects in space; understanding of portraiture, human anatomy and figure in sculpture; relief – what is short depth?

We decided to combine the best of two words: private teaching and group learning.
We understand that each  student comes with a different skill level,  therefore we don’t have a  one-class-fits all approach. There are  no formally structured classes!

The instructor works with each student at their individual level and the student grows at his/her own pace. However, the students benefit from working in a group environment by learning from each other, exchanging ideas and encouraging each others progress.

All classes have to be paid for in advance , taxes are  included, materials not provided.

Single class  $ 65

($21,5 per hour)

It’s 3 hours single class  once you have  booked specific time and date for a single class the payment has to be done in full.  No refund if you cannot make it.

Monthly booking
Professional  $ 340

($17 per hour)

You booking 24 hours per month (8 hours per week) access to the studio  professional guides and assignments.

Leisure $210

($17.5 per hour)

You booking 12 hours per month (3 hours per week) access to the studio professional guides and assignments.



You can pick your 3 hour class on any of the fallowing days:
Mondays 2-10pm
Fridays  2-8pm
Saturdays 2-5pm


The studio is located at 1177 Parker Street in Vancouver, BC. Please txt message (604)729-3067 or email before your first visit.

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